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SCHERM Personal Protection Lightweight detachable vehicle armour


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    SCHERM Personal Protection

    Lightweight detachable vehicle armour

    A pioneering development for adding a degree of armour to the interior of ordinary vehicles to protect occupants at risk of firearm attack.

    This lightweight, flexible and detachable soft armour system permits the SCHERM Personal Protector to be used in standard civilian vehicles whenever needed.  Attach only when required. Detach for convenience when not wanted or re-attach to another prepared vehicle in seconds.

    Non-intrusive attachment means the vehicle warranty is unaffected.

    NB: SCHERM is not a substitute for fully armoured vehicles but provides useful protection to those only occasionally exposed to risk.

    Protected by RSA patent application 2023/09544.

    Armour Classification

    The Scherm is an entirely new product that does not fit into any existing armouring category since it is not conventional body, vehicle or structural armour.  The most suitable test standard for assessing and proving effectiveness is considered to be that offered by Euro Standard EN 1522.  This European standard that has been in use since 1998/1999 is applicable to bullet resistant doors, windows, shutters, blinds and other forms of bullet resistant barriers.  To pass this test, bullets fired at the test object must be fully stopped.

    Scherm test specimens have been tested in a SANAS-certified lab and passed the ballistic tests for Class FB2 and FB4.

    Following is an extract from EN 1522:

    Table 1: Classification and requirements for testing with handguns and rifles.

    FJ               full metal jacket bullet

    RN             round nose bullet

    SC              soft core (lead)

    CB              coned bullet

    FN              flat nose bullet

    Note 1: When a shot is to be fired at a single point the test range may be reduced to achieve the firing accuracy as defined in Section 6 of EN 1523:1998. In this case, it may not be possible to measure the velocity of the bullet.

    Note 2: To be classified FB4 or FB6 the specimen shall be tested with both calibres listed.


    • Lightweight and flexible for easy installation and portability (approx. 5 kg per set).
    • SANAS-certified ballistic lab tests prove resistance to 9 mm parabellum, .357 and .44 magnum calibres.
    • Easily removed for use as a personal shield in emergency situations. The SCHERM is also stab and shrapnel resistant.
    • Tough, durable and waterproof cover protects soft armour core from environmental hazards.


    The Scherm is recommended for use in sets consisting of 3 parts:

    • Door protector
    • Door post protector
    • Seat back and headrest protector

    Supplied in a variety of standard sizes to suit most popular vehicles.  Some vehicles may require different protectors (left and right-handed versions) for driver and passenger doors.

    Custom sizes can be made to order for other vehicles or environments where a lightweight bullet-resistant barrier is required, e.g. a bedroom door, guard rooms, huts and guard towers

    SCHERM door and door post protectors can be attached to the door by any convenient means such as clips, hooks, tapes, press studs, Velcroâ and other similar removable attachment methods or suspended from the roof, door frame or window of the vehicle.

    SCHERM protectors are provided with robust and generous edging fabric that lends itself to a variety of attachment methods to suit different vehicles as well as customer wants and preferences.

    It is not necessary, or indeed desirable, to have any form of additional barrier plate or other material in order to obtain the certified Class FB2 and FB4 bullet resistance in EN 1522 Table 1.

    SCHERM head and backrest protectors are simply draped over the seat back and headrest.  No other form of fixing or attachment is required.

    Care, Maintenance and Durability

    SCHERM needs no special care other than keeping it reasonably clean, dry and crease free.  The efficacy and life of the soft armour incorporated into SCHERM personal protectors are not affected by water or moisture and can be expected to provide rated protection for at least 10 years. The outer cover provides protection against sunlight and physical damage to the inner screen which shields the soft armour core against potentially harmful airborne chemicals in harsh environments.

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